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Video Broadcasting

Distributed Video Coding

Interactive Video

  • Interactive Video
    Discussion of techniques for enabling user interaction with video.

Video Compression

Video Conferencing

Video Description

Video Streaming

Video Surveillance

Video Deinterlacing

Video Sharpening

Video Scaling

Video Noise Reduction

Digital Watermarks

JPSEC and JPEG2000

  • Wireless JPEG2000 Transmission and Unequal Error Protection using JPWL
    The JPWL standard is introduced. The header protection and unequal error protection capabilities of the standard are examined.
  • Secure Faxing with JPSEC
    Faxing documents using Secure JPEG 2000, also referred to as JPSEC, is a method to secure image contents with stronger encryption and data integrity than what is provided by T.30.
  • JPEG2000 Image Transmission using JPIP
    The scalable properties of JPEG2000 interactivity protocol (JPIP) are discussed. Some applications suchas medical applications or image access on restricted devices is explored.
  • Secure JPEG2000 (JPSEC) Images
    Security in JPEG2000 is addressed by Part 8  of the ITU standard (T.807) known as JPSEC. We consider some of the possibilities of using the selective encoding of JPSEC with the
    scalability properties of JPEG2000.
  • JPEG2000 Rate and Quality Scalability
    The scalable properties of JPEG2000 are explored including resolution scalability and quality scalability. It is explained how JPEG2000 uses EBCOT to accomplish this scalability.
  • Document Signature by Multiple Parties
    This page describes a method to allow multiple users to simultaneously sign a document using fax and Internet technologies. Either digital or physical signatures may be used to sign the document.
  • Wavelet Transform for Sparsity in JPEG2000
    The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is used in the compression of images in the JPEG2000 protocol. Compared to the DCT used in the original JPEG compression, it allows for scalability and increased image quality in the compressed image.

Compressed Sensing

Particle Swarm Optimization

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