VOCAL is dedicated to providing innovative design solutions for the highest quality voice, video, fax and data communications at the lowest possible cost. The company offers complete engineering, design, and support services for your product development needs. Our highly experienced engineers can design systems to meet your requirements, work seamlessly with your staff to develop new technologies, as well as integrate our licensed components into your products. Please contact us to discuss how our engineering staff can support your product development.

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  • Complete product development including hardware design, BOM, board bring-up and custom software
  • Product optimization
  • Integration of new functionality into existing products
  • Installation of our software on COTS and custom hardware

VOCAL’s expertise with embedded systems and firmware integration means significant cost-savings with fast development times and high quality products for your customers. In addition, our turn-key designs may be used ‘as is’ for a complete product solution or as a basis for new product development. Since 1986, our proven technology has been successfully deployed in millions of product deliveries by our clients.

Core Competencies

  • System and hardware design
  • Low-level driver and firmware development
  • Hardware and system bootstrap/bring-up
  • Algorithm development, implementation, and system integration
  • Algorithm porting and optimization
  • Extensive, proven communications software suite

System and Hardware Engineering

VOCAL has extensive in-house experience designing and developing DSP and microcontroller systems from ADI, TI, Atmel and peripheral ICs from Legerity, Silicon Labs, NXP/Philips, and other leading vendors. Our engineering team has successfully designed systems with gigabit-speed processors, multi-processor platforms and interfaces, and integrated Ethernet, USB, I²S, CODECs, and FXO/FXS peripherals. We have also designed and integrated video processing and video switching systems, both analog and digital (DVI/HDMI).

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Our multi-disciplinary engineering team designs hardware with system and software development in mind. There are features, techniques and “tricks” (as it were) that are known intimately by the hardware designers that the software developers can use to their advantage.  When the entire design is done in-house, our clients ends up with a better quality and more stable product.

VOCAL has extensive familiarity with a variety of platforms and products. This includes all manner of communications applications, such as ATAs, VoIP servers and CPE, VoIP speakerphones, HPNA-based IPBXs, video surveillance, voice and data RF devices, government secure communications devices, lawful interception software, medical devices, embedded modems, and facsimile (Group 3 and T.38 Fax Relay).

Software Engineering

VOCAL engineers have extensive development experience with critical aspects of real-time embedded systems. Our practical experience with a broad range of processors, allows our engineers to develop software for high QoS and low system latency within existing system memory, MIPs, and power constraints. Our designs are optimized to satisfy often conflicting requirements for small memory footprint, high QoS standards, and performance.

FPGA/PLD/ASIC (IP Core) Design and Implementation Services

VOCAL provides a complete design environment that helps our clients shorten their design cycle and speed time-to-market. Your system is not limited by the level of expertise you happen to have in-house. We design to your requirements from the initial concept or algorithm through final implementation and validation. We offer a variety of services to fit your needs such as:

  • Concept and specification
  • VHDL testbench generation
  • VHDL coding and verification
  • Top level simulation and verification
  • Synthesis to target technology
  • IP selection, including third party IP integration
  • Timing analysis
  • Programming
  • Development of interface protocols
  • Validation Testing
  • On- and off-site support
  • Fully functional and synthesizeable VHDL soft-core

Current IP Core offerings



VOCAL’s On-One™ DSP technology provides a significant reduction in product cost and complexity. On-One can integrate networking, signaling, data, and data processing on a single chip for a complete solution. This can lower BOM cost and improve power utilization, system efficiency, future upgrade paths, and even overall product performance.

Concurrent SIP™

Concurrent SIP™ technology allows multiple SIP registrations with different SIP-based subscriptions and multiple VoIP service providers with custom ring tones, display options, and even dial plans. Our robust SIP stack interoperates seamlessly with most VoIP providers and products.

Concurrent VoIP™

Concurrent VoIP™ dual stack capability allows both SIP and MGCP to be used seamlessly as per configured dial plan. When combined with Concurrent SIP™, it also provides the most possible VoIP provider flexibility.

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