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Modem over VoIP Solutions

Modem over VoIP

Cloud/VM, Datacenter and IOT/M2M support of Legacy Analog Modems running on X86 and more. SIP Analog Modem Server, Analog Modem Adapter.Learn more

Speech Processing Solutions

Speech Processing

Noise Reduction, Adaptive Beamforming, Echo Cancellation, Voice Quality Enhancement and Voice Compression for IP, Radio and Mobile Learn more

Lawful Intercept Solutions

Lawful Intercept

Interception and decoding of analog and digital voice, data and fax communications (T.38 FoIP, V.34, V.17...) over PSTN and IP networks. Learn more

VOCAL is celebrating over 30 years as a leading designer of innovative solutions for Voice, Video, Fax and Data communications. VOCAL specializes in voice and VoIP technologies for telephony, network, mobile and radio applications.

Voice Solutions


Voice, Video Fax and messaging over IP networks, mobile and radio. SIP, RTP/SRTP, MELPe, G.7xx, Opus, IPBX, WebRTC.Learn more

Video Conferencing Solutions


Voice and video conferencing solutions with HD audio, H.264 video, still images and secure communications.Learn more

Facsimile Solutions


T.38 Fax over IP solutions and V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27ter, and V.21 fax communications with T.30/E fax protocols. Learn more

Analog Modem Solutions

Analog Modem

Legacy Data Modem SW solutions, V.92, V.90, V.32/V.32bis, V.22/V.22bis, V.23, V.21, V.34, v.110, v.42/44, MNP, Bell.Learn more

Telecommunications Solutions for Developers

VOCAL's expertise is the design and development of software and hardware telecommunications solutions under license for voice, video, fax, and data. Our innovative designs have been incorporated into ATAs, VoIP servers and CPE, HPNA-based IPBXs, video surveillance, voice and data RF devices, secure government devices, lawful interception systems, medical devices, embedded modems, M2M communications, Fax over IP, Modem over IP, and Radio over IP systems for business, government, military, and consumer applications. Our Engineers can design a custom solution to address your specific application requirements.

VoIP Solutions for Mobile, Radio and IP Networks

Our VoIP solutions are used in a wide range of voice and video conferencing, mobile and radio communications solutions. VOCAL provides turn-key and custom designs to meet your VoIP application requirements.

Echo Cancellation And Noise Reduction For Improved Communication

Our acoustic echo cancellation, acoustic beamforming and audio noise reduction solutions ensure you will always be able to hear the person on the other end of the line. Our voice quality enhancement enables you to clearly understand what is being said.

Interception Solutions for Law Enforcement and Business

Our lawful interception solutions decode analog and digital voice, fax and data communications as well as provide compliance for corporate policies and government regulations in all business communications.


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