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Backend Video Processing

backend video processing

Fig.1 Block Diagram of Backend Video Processing

Back end video processing is an essential part of the video processing performed between the video decoder and video monitor (Fig.1).

  • Video Decoder decodes the compressed signal and outputs the sequence of luma and chroma pixel values
  • Blocking Noise Reduction identifies the boundary of compression transform coded blocks and smooth them out.
  • Temporal Noise Reduction reduce the noise by iterframe filtering for still objects based on the motion estimation
  • In case of interlace signal decoding, the Deinterlacer converts the interlaced signal to progressive
  • Spatial Noise Reduction reduces digital and/or analog noise by intraframe filtering methods
  • Scaler changes the resolution of the input signal to match the video monitor resolution
  • Enhancer changes the sharpening level of video frames increasing the perceptual video quality
  • Frame Rate Conversion (FRC) (if necessarily) increases the number of frames to reduce the judder of fast moving objects
  • Color Management corrects colors after sharpening
  • Brightness/Contrast/Gamma Corrector changes the brightness, contrast and gamma curve of the output image

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