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Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

VOCAL specializes in design and prototyping of Audio and Acoustics solutions related to Digital Signal Processing and their application to voice, video, fax and data communications. While the scope of design projects and prototyping of DSP-based solutions continually widens to encompass new areas, the current applications of Digital Signal Processing to audio, acoustics and telecommunication include:

Within the above DSP-related activities, broad expertise in digital signal processing, systems and signals is required. VOCAL engineers exercise their expertise in areas that include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • IIR and FIR Filter Design
  • Comb Filtering and Notch Filtering
  • Linear and Nonlinear Adaptive Filter Design in Time Domain
  • Linear Adaptive Filter Design in Frequency Domain
  • Signal Detection and Generation
  • Signal/Source Separation
  • Signal Transforms (including DFT/FFT, Hilbert, Wavelet, Haar)
  • Statistical DSP (that include Kalman Filtering, Signal Correlation and De-Correlation/Whitening)
  • Linear System Identification
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Double Talk Detection
  • Residual Echo Nonlinear Processing
  • Linear System Stability Control
  • Acoustic Feedback Control
  • Automatic Gain Control

Audio data analysis for the purpose of design and verification leads to requirements related to audio stream acquisition, pre-processing, post-processing and audio file manipulation to prepare for simulation trials reflecting real time conditions. Expertise related to these activities includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Audio File Dynamic Alignment
  • Dynamic Time Warping
  • Audio File Acquisition in Equalized Lab Conditions
  • Evaluation of Room Impulse Response
  • Evaluation of RT60 in full-band and sub-bands
  • Assessment of Speech Quality
  • Evaluation of Noise Reduction using Subjective and Objective Measures
  • Integration Support

Implementation of technical solutions in Audio, Acoustics and Telecommunication requires separate skill sets and hands-on experience. VOCAL Technologies’ technical staff routinely ports design solutions to a range of DSPs and general-purpose processors from leading vendors running under various operating systems.

VOCAL’s engineering expertise in Audio, Acoustics and Telecommunication continues to expand beyond these listed areas. Please contact us to discuss your DSP-related applications.

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