VOCAL customers have the option of choosing between software and hardware / firmware-based solutions. In particular, several of VOCAL’s encryption/decryption security software modules are also available in FPGA, PLD, or ASIC form factors. These standards-based IP Cores provide robust encryption/decryption functionality in a variety of key and IO interface sizes. Contact us to discuss your application requirements.

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IP Core Families

Deliverables for all IP Cores:

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

VOCAL’s AES implementation supports common specifications for all AES Cores:

AES Core offerings:

VOCAL Part Number Implementation I/O Interface
VOCAL-AES-ENC-32 AES Encryption 32-bit
VOCAL-AES-ENC-64 AES Encryption 64-bit
VOCAL-AES-ENC-128 AES Encryption 128-bit
VOCAL-AES-DEC-32 AES Decryption 32-bit
VOCAL-AES-DEC-64 AES Decryption 64-bit
VOCAL-AES-DEC-128 AES Decryption 128-bit
VOCAL-AES-EDC-32 AES Encryption/Decryption 32-bit
VOCAL-AES-EDC-64 AES Encryption/Decryption 64-bit
VOCAL-AES-EDC-128 AES Encryption/Decryption 128-bit
VOCAL-AES-KEY-EXP AES Key Expansion supports all AES key sizes

Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code

VOCAL’s CCM implementation supports common specifications for all CCM Cores:

CCM Core offerings:

VOCAL Part Number Implementation I/O Interface
VOCAL-CCM-32 CCM 32-bit
VOCAL-CCM-64 CCM 64-bit
VOCAL-CCM-128 CCM 128-bit