SIP SoftModem
SIP Software Modem implements an analog modem using SIP for dial up networking services. This is a true modem in software, able to connect to physical modems, unlike other virtual modems that requires both endpoints to be virtual modems.

VOCAL’s SIP Software Modem V.MoIP solution for dialup networking services implements an analog modem using SIP/VoIP protocols. Unlike other so called ‘virtual modem’ designs, the SIP software modem can communicate with a physical modem at the far end using a VoIP service over an IP network. And unlike WinModem, LinModem  and other soft modems, it does not require an analog interface.

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The SIP software modem supports a TTY interface connected to a softmodem module. A MoIP module with SIP, RTP and G.711 codec supports Voiceband (VBD) Mode for communications with the far end device. The softmodem is driven by the far end modem clock signal so both endpoints are always synchronized. This eliminates issues with synchronizing separate clocks and clock drift.

VOCAL’s SIP Software Modem is optimized for performance on X86 servers running Linux or Windows as well as leading DSP architectures and processors from TI, Intel, ADI, ARM and other vendors. Contact us to discuss your MoIP application requirements.


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