VOCAL’s software fully supports the Session Description Protocol as defined by RFC 4566 as well as the SDP offer/answer model as defined by RFC 3264. Contact us to discuss your VoIP application requirements.

The Session Description Protocol is a protocol that was designed for the purpose of describing media sessions. Typically SDP is not a standalone protocol, but rather is used by other signaling protocols such as SIP or MGCP to exchange media information during session setup. For a typical call setup using SIP, the SDP would be used to describe a number of parameters. Some of these parameters may include but are not limited to: an IP address and port at which the user would like the media to be sent, the type of media, and a list of supported codecs for a particular type of media. A model for using SDP to setup media sessions within a higher level protocol such as SIP is defined by RFC 3264. In addition, RTP Payload Format for MELPe Codec describes the use of the MELP speech coder with SDP.

SRTP Datasheet

RFC 3261 Standard