Dynamic Range Compression

Dynamic Range Compression Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) is part of a Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) package for both the transmit and receive audio paths. DRC limits the dynamic range of the signal by amplifying low level input signals (upward compression) and/or attenuating high level input signals (downward compression). Downward compression is important for volume control […]

Automatic Gain Control

Automatic Gain Control Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is typically one of the last Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) blocks of the transmit path of the microphone signal. A wide dynamic range of input speech levels can be difficult and tiresome to the listener on the far-end. In environments where the input speech level is expected to […]

Law Enforcement & Enterprise

Law Enforcement & Enterprise VOCAL’s Lawful Interception software is available for voice, video, fax/facsimile and data communications.  Decoding from analog recordings (.wav), packet captures (.pcap), and realtime (live) capture and record are all supported. Law enforcement, law firms and intelligence agencies all benefit from being able to convert network captures to playable media. Our lawful interception […]

Telecom – IP, PSTN & Mobile

Telecom – IP, PSTN & Mobile VOCAL started over 30 years ago, as a company focused on voice and data modulations.  We have been involved in engineering the infrastructure and the endpoints in the PSTN and the IP communications world. Our participation in the standardization, engineering and commercialization of telecom technologies; and our work with […]

Industrial & Automotive

Industrial & Automotive VOCAL extensive library is used all across the industrial and automotive sectors.  All automotive communications needs, whether for human consumption or M2M benefit from our extensive libraries and years of engineering experience.  Our RTP stack is used for in-vehicle audio and video transport, while our  VQE and Beamforming packages are used for […]

Defense & Aerospace

Defense & Aerospace Defense and Aerospace Technologies VOCAL’s  expertise in the design, implementation and configuration of Defense and Aerospace communication systems ranges across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our innovative designs have been incorporated into UAVs, video surveillance, voice and data RF devices, military radios, secure government communications devices, lawful interception systems, and Radio over […]

IP Communications

IP Communications VOCAL provides a comprehensive IP communication software library to support a variety of secure voice, video, fax and data communications over radio, mobile, Internet and other communications networks. Our software solutions are robust, flexible and configurable to meet your specific requirements.  From cloud services, to embedded devices and across countless industries, VOCAL supplies […]

Speech Processing & Audio

Speech Processing & Audio VOCAL provides a broad range of Voice & Audio solutions to support a variety of applications. Our voice designs may be configured from a suite of speech compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction and beamforming solutions to support your specific development effort. Speech Software VOCAL’s embedded libraries include a complete range of […]

Modem & Fax Software

Modem & Fax Software With decades of experience in engineering data and facsimile modems, VOCAL has proven expertise that can’t be match. With its unique and varied history VOCAL is in the perfect position to offer solutions for legacy analog to VoIP transitions as well as development support for embedded, M2M, and cloud-based data and […]


Complete Communications Engineering VoIP Audio Video Fax Modem Services Software Modem & Fax Cloud/VM, Datacenter and IOT/M2M support of Legacy Analog Modems running on X86 and more. SIP Analog Modem and Fax Servers. Lawful Interception. Analog Modem Adapters. Modulations for all use cases. Software and Firmware for Processors from Intel, ARM, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices […]