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Fax Monitoring and Diagnostics

VOCAL’s fax modem software provides a wide variety of per-channel frame statistics and diagnostics, including V.59 diagnostic support, that are updated continuously during operation. The diagnostics and statistics are accessible by the driving application and can be used for system monitoring and network bandwidth management. Additional diagnostic signaling can be selected by the driving application to aid in integration and system troubleshooting. The types of data available from VOCAL’s diagnostics output include:

  • Modulation State
  • SNR MSE Measure
  • Tx/Rx Level dBm
  • Tx/Rx V.34 Symbol Rate
  • Round Trip Delay
  • Telemetry Data Update
  • Data Modulation Monitor Retrain/Renegotiate
  • Carrier Family
  • Disconnect Reason
  • Initial Tx/Rx Data Rate
  • Current Tx/Rx Data Rate
  • Data Protocol/Compression
  • V.PCM Digital Attenuation
  • V.PCM Robbed Bit Mask
  • V.PCM Coding Law
  • IETF Modem MIB support
  • V.59 Modem diagnostic support


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