Automatic Gain Control

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is typically one of the last Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) blocks of the transmit path of the microphone signal. A wide dynamic range of input speech levels can be difficult and tiresome to the listener on the far-end.

In environments where the input speech level is expected to vary significantly, AGC is used keep a constant recording volume regardless of the input signal level. The gain by which to achieve this constant recording level is determined by monitoring the voice activity state and the peak levels of the input signal.

  • Amplifies talkers who speak too softly or are located a far distance away.
  • Attenuates talkers who speak too loudly or are closely located to the microphones.

    VOCAL provides superior Voice Communications solutions and support. Through the use of digital signal processing and various voice quality enhancement (VQE) modules, the intelligibility and integrity of voice communication can be improved.

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