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Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) Reference Design

Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) Quarter Circle Development Board

VOCAL’s ATA Reference Designs surpass the competition for cost and time-to-market potential

VOCAL’s Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) Reference Design enables licensees to rapidly develop standards-based, analog to digital IP adapter products using Voice over IP (VoIP) with an extensive feature list, world-wide configurability, multilingual support, and simple upgrade/expansion paths.

  • Basic ATA to custom multi-line iPBX
  • Multiple FXS, FXO and Ethernet ports
  • Analog to Digital IP adapter
  • Remote configuration and update
  • Industrial and other harsh environments
  • Available for DSP, ARM and other processors

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VOCAL has over 25 years of custom design and development experience in the telecommunications industry. Our ATA Reference Design far surpasses the competition in terms of cost advantage and time-to-market potential, achieving scalable channel density while readily supporting integration of new features and modules. Our expertise and extensive customization support will result in the digital analog IP adapter product you want at an unbeatable cost.

Since VOCAL’s ATA Reference Design provides both the hardware design and a complete optimized VoIP software solution, the result is a fully integrated and robust analog digital converter which can be brought to market quickly. For VoIP analog telephone adapter applications in harsh environments, product component choices include industrial grade parts for temperature ranges from -40ºC – +85ºC. Please contact us if you wish a demonstration board for evaluation purposes.

Analog Telephone Adapter Software

VOCAL’s highly optimized On-One™ DSP technology can significantly reduce ATA materials cost. By running all DSP functions and application protocols under its own simple network operating system, all high density processing can be performed on a single processor. For higher channel densities, our VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter Reference Design scales to the use of a full operating system, such as embedded Linux (e.g. uClinux).

Analog Telephone Adapter Reference Design Kit

VOCAL’s ATA Reference Design Kit consists of a customizable, fully-functional hardware and software VoIP analog telephone adapter solution with:

  • Schematics
  • BOM
  • Complete custom firmware
  • Technical engineering assistance with layout design and hardware bringup
  • Lifetime product maintenance and support

Analog Telephone Adapter Reference Design Features

For a detailed description of VoIP analog telephone adapter features and technical specifications please contact us. ATA Reference Design highlights  include:

  • Flexible device profiles ranging from basic ATA to full multi-line iPBX
  • PSTN to IP with multi-line support for FXS and FXO ports and multiple ethernet ports
  • TI 6xx or ADI Blackfin platforms
  • SIP and/or MGCP support with multiple VoIP providers
  • Encrypted communication using secure RTP (SRTP) with SDES or proprietary key negotiation
  • Network stack with NAT/firewall support
  • Voice codecs such as G.711, G723.1, G.726, G.729AB, MELP, iLBC and Opus vocoders
  • High performance G.168 echo canceller
  • T.38 real-time fax over IP (FoIP)
  • An extensive set of telephony features
  • TTY / TDD support
  • Call progress tones with world-wide configurability
  • Ringing patterns with multiple ringing tones, message waiting indicator (MWI) tone, ring, or visual
  • Quality of service configurability
  • Flexible configuration and provisioning options
  • Multilingual Web configuration via built-in Web server and hierarchical user levels
  • Mass production support for flashing code image, firmware configuration, and testing
  • Remote administration and firmware update
  • Power-off/911 service failover

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