VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is an industry leader providing innovative telecommunications and networking design solutions to a large base of international OEM companies. VOCAL is actively seeking highly motivated designers with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Software Engineers

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Software Engineers for:

Hardware Engineers

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Hardware Engineers for:

Mathematicians and Physicists

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Mathematicians and Physicists for Digital Signal Processing, Algorithm Design and Development:

Contact Information

Candidates should have a minimum B.S. or advanced degree in EE/CE/CS/Math/Physics. VOCAL offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package. Please provide your resume and job interests to Human Resources@VOCAL.com to explore employment opportunities at VOCAL Technologies.

David Jamieson
VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.
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Phone: (716) 688-4675
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Email:   HR@vocal.com