VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is an industry leader providing innovative telecommunications and networking design solutions to a large base of international OEM companies. VOCAL is actively seeking highly motivated designers with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Software Engineers

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Software Engineers for:

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Hardware Engineers

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Hardware Engineers for:

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Mathematicians and Physicists

VOCAL Technologies seeks experienced, knowledgeable and motivated Mathematicians and Physicists for Digital Signal Processing, Algorithm Design and Development:

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Developer II (Amherst, NY)

Research, design, develop and/or test computer and computer-related hardware for use in varied industries for designer of software and hardware solutions under license for voice, video, and facsimile and data communications.  Build, test, and modify product prototypes using working models, as well as simulation models based on design plans.  Communicate with users to determine and analyze their needs.  Participate in the design and development of computer and product hardware, and confer with internal engineering staff to evaluate interface between hardware and software as well as operational and performance requirements of system.  Participate in selection of hardware, ensuring compliance with specifications and unique system needs used to determine hardware configuration.  Assemble and/or modify existing equipment elements to satisfy specification.  Test and verify hardware and any corresponding systems elements, record test data, monitor functioning of equipment and make necessary changes and/or modifications to ensure specifications are consistently met.  Write detailed reports to document the hardware development process.  Remain abreast of new advancements related to responsibilities.

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Engineering, or related from ABET accredited program, plus at least one year of experience as a Trainee, Developer I, or related.  Experience must include the following:  Making modifications to hardware components, such as product prototypes, manufacture evaluation boards/modules, and custom developer kits;  Calculating power supply requirements for hardware components;   Testing and verifying hardware and corresponding systems elements;   Working with circuits, measuring signals, and reading and/or editing circuit schematics;   Working with Digital Signal Processor products;   and Communicating with users and/or other stakeholders to determine and analyze their needs.

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Contact Information

Candidates should have a minimum B.S. or advanced degree in EE/CE/CS/Math/Physics or equivalent. VOCAL offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package. Please provide your resume and job interests to Human [email protected] to explore employment opportunities at VOCAL Technologies.

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