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VOCAL To Develop Generic VoIP Products for CEVA Cores
VOCAL Technologies To Develop Generic VoIP Products For CEVA Cores
Major communications software house announces generic software products to serve the fast-growing VoIP market.

Orlando, FL, November 2, 1999.  At the DSP World conference here, VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. announced it would develop generic software products to serve the fast-growing market for Internet telephony and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).  The new products will be targeted to the newest DSP cores from CEVA, Ltd., the world leader in licensing DSP intellectual property, with over 30 licensees.  VOCAL  Technologies has one of the most extensive portfolios of standards-compliant DSP software, including all modem modulations through V.90/V.34 Fax, and all relevant ITU-recommended G.7xx speech coders, as well.  VOCAL also provides complete H.323 capability for VoIP networks as well as products for fax over IP, voice over ATM, and voice over frame relay.

The new generic products will be based on CEVA?s Teak (single-processor) and Palm (multi-processor) state-of-the-art DSP cores.   Specific products will be announced later, but building blocks for Internet appliances, Internet access devices and VoIP networks are planned.   According to Dr. Michael Demjanenko, VOCAL?s executive vice president, "We are expanding on our software portfolio developed on CEVA?s earlier Pine and Oak cores, bringing clear product focus for our staff."  He went on to say, "We are looking forward to working with CEVA to expand our traditional market through generic products for Internet applications."

According to market researcher Forward Concepts (Tempe, AZ), the DSP-based VoIP market has grown some 300% this year to an estimated 5.6 million gateway ports. The company also projects over 200% in port growth for 2000.  The company predicts even larger opportunities in emerging markets for VoIP over cable, voice over DSL, VoIP over LANs for IP-based PBX, and VoIP over wireless local loop.

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is headquartered in Buffalo, NY with operations also in the south of France. Its products and services are described on its web page at http://www.VOCAL.com .  CEVA, Inc. has operations in Santa Clara, California and Herzelia, Israel.  The company?s web page is https://www.ceva-dsp.com .