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VOCAL Licenses Modem Software to Digi International
VOCAL Technologies Licenses Modem Software To Digi International

VOCAL's DSP Technology Becomes Basic Building Block for Digi's Line of Communications Adapters

Buffalo, N.Y., August 4, 1999 ? VOCAL Technologies Ltd. today announced that it has signed an OEM license agreement with Digi International, Minneapolis (Nasdaq: DGII), to provide modem software for Digi's line of AccelePort and DataFire RAS communications adapters and concentrators.

"Our customers demand state-of-the-art functionality and world-class performance," said Douglas Glader, Digi's executive vice president and chief operating officer. "We selected VOCAL because they have the necessary skills and experience to enable future advances in our DSP-based products."

Each communications adapter and concentrator includes multiple digital signal processor (DSP) chips, up to 60 on a single PCI card. On-board hardware and software assigns DSP resources intelligently and on the fly to support a variety of services, including 56 Kbps (V.90) analog modem and ISDN.

A spokesman from VOCAL who insists on anonymity, said, "Digi's clear leadership position in remote access products makes this OEM partnership particularly exciting to VOCAL. We're committed to excellence in DSP-based modem software development and Digi's acceptance of our technology is validation that our efforts are being recognized by industry leaders."

VOCAL's software enables the broadest array of remote access adapters in the industry. Digi's new RAS products can handle as many as 60 simultaneous calls on a single PCI adapter and support both high-speed analog and digital lines simultaneously. The new RAS products handle the functions once performed by separate modems, CSU/DSUs and channel banks. They support all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows NT, Novell NetWare, and SCO UnixWare.

VOCAL is working closely with Digi's development staff to continue to enhance Digi's DSP-based products to meet a wide range of communications needs, including remote access, Internet access and fax.

About Digi International

Digi International (Nasdaq National Market: DGII), based in Minneapolis, is a leading worldwide provider of voice and data communications hardware and software that delivers seamless connectivity solutions for open-systems, server-based remote access and LAN markets. The company markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For more information, visit Digi's Web site at http://www.digi.com or call 800-344-4273 (U.S.) or 612-912-3444 (International).

About VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. is a technology house providing OEM accounts with customer software development and hardware/software integration expertise. The company has hundreds of man-years experience in the telephony and computer telephony industry and is a worldwide leader in DSP software solutions. VOCAL supports the latest standards includes voice-over-IP, V.90, V.34FAX, T.38 real time fax, H.323, and G.723/G.729A. Target products are voice/fax over IP, modem banks, consumer modems, standard fax products, fax relay equipment, advanced telephony products. VOCAL offers a full range of communications-oriented software modules which run on Analog Devices' family of processors, CEVA OAK core, as well as on DSPs from other IC vendors. For more information, visit VOCAL's Web site at http://www.VOCAL.com or call 716-688-4675.


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