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New DSP Micro-Kernel Available for CEVA's SmartCoresTM Family of DSP Cores

Design targets fast, low cost development needs for telephony and multimedia. Kernel ships complete with source code for SmartCores DSP cores.

Buffalo, NY March 7, 1995 VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of DSP-based communication technologies, announced today the availability of a DSP microkernel for the CEVA-PineTM and CEVA-OakeTM products from CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ:CEVA). VTMK-400, which provides simple foreground/background task management, is ideal for OEMs in the embedded system design business who need task execution control but not all the functionality or costs associated with a full-featured DSP operating system.

VTMK-400 is a background/foreground scheduling microkernel ideal for audio, telephony, imaging, and communications equipment development programs. The foreground is interrupt driven and satisfies many requirements for real-time, deterministic responsiveness and preemptive scheduling. The background is useful for running one or multiple non-real-time tasks in a round-robin mode with whatever DSP resources are available. According to Michael Demjanenko, VOCAL's custom software design group leader, "We developed the VTMK microkernel in order to speed our own internal modem development programs and have purposely designed it to be portable across multiple architectures. By optimizing the software to take advantage of key hardware constructs, we will be providing OEMs new levels of price/performance."

VTMK-400 is ideal for CEVA's licensees who need to multitask in a single embedded application, such as downloading new DSP code and writing to flash memory at the same time. In one sophisticated modem application, the VTMK-400 foreground runs fax modulations and actually transmits data while the background supports non-real time Group 3 compression and fax progress monitoring.

According to Irving Gold, director of marketing and sales for the semiconductor group at the CEVA, "We are very happy to have VOCAL Technologies as a third party software developer for our SmartCores DSP core architectures. The microkernel from VOCAL Technologies, as well as VOCAL's comprehensive modem software library, will prove to be a valuable resource for our licensees, especially those designing multimedia, telephony, and embedded control applications."
VTMK-400 ships with source code and full documentation for $6000, 30 days ARO.

CEVA (NASDAQ:CEVA) develops and markets enabling digital signal processing and digital speech technologies and products for the PC, multimedia, and communications markets. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the company offers digital speech algorithms, DSP core technology, and integrated DSP-based solutions. CEVA's technologies and products have been adopted or endorsed by industry leaders including Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, VLSI Technology, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, Siemens, GEC Plessey, Matra, Alcatel, British Telecom, France Telecom, Spain Telefonica, and others.

VOCAL Technologies Ltd. is the industry's only one-stop source for complete modem source code. The company provides full service telecommunication and networking solutions to OEMs and systems integrators in both US and international markets. Its SWMOD-101 software package includes both modulations as well as upper layer data/fax protocols and enables OEMs to add well-tested fax, data, and voice features to their products without investing the dozens of man years needed to design, develop, and test communications software.


Please direct any specific product questions about SmartCores to Irving Gold, CEVA, Santa Clara, CA 408-986-4315.


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