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VOCAL to Port Integrated Fax/Modem Software to CEVA's SmartCoresTM

Comprehensive library targets OEM development needs for fast, low-cost telephony and multimedia software.

Buffalo, NY November 30, 1994 ... VOCAL Technologies Ltd., a leading supplier of DSP-based communication technologies, announced today that it is working with CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ:CEVA), Santa Clara, CA to port VOCAL's comprehensive library of fax, data modulations and modem control protocols to the SmartCoresTM DSP core architectures of the CEVA. This porting program brings together VOCAL's highly optimized ITU library of telephony and communications protocols with CEVA, Inc.'s PineTM and Oak DSP core architectures designed for communications, PC multimedia applications and embedded control.

According to Irving Gold, director of marketing for semiconductors at the CEVA, "We are very happy to have VOCAL Technologies as a third party software developer for our SmartCores DSP core architectures. The availability of complete, well-tested software packages like those from VOCAL Technologies should enable our OEM's to get to market faster with superior products. We also laud VOCAL's flexibility. OEMs can buy the whole library or just whatever pieces of code they need."

The software from VOCAL Technologies is a comprehensive library which implements all of the features of the ITU recommendations for Group 3 fax (V.21, V.27ter, V.29, and V.17) as well as data modulations and control protocols. Details are in the chart below.

According to Frederic Hirzel, one of VOCAL Technologies' lead software architects, "The combination of the SmartCores architecture with VOCAL's comprehensive modem library will be ideal for OEMs designing cellular telephones, portable computers, personal digital assistants, modems, and advanced fax machines."

SmartCores is CEVA's family of digital signal processing semiconductor technology. The newest member of the product line is the OAK DSP core, a commercial DSP processor architecture specifically suited for use in personal communications products requiring low power and small size. The OAK platform is known as a DSP "core" because instead of fabricating chips and selling them to customers, CEVA provides the basic DSP processor technology to licensees who in turn have the actual DSP chips fabricated. OAK is the second DSP core offering from CEVA, which has been selling its PINE DSP core for several years.

SmartCores has been endorsed by five leading semiconductor companies, including GEC Plessey, Integrated Circuit Systems, Siemens, Silicon Systems, and VLSI Technology. SmartCores products are already being used in digital answering machines, cellular telephones, other telephony designs, and are now moving into multimedia applications.

Comments Will Strauss, president of electronics market research firm Forward Concepts, "This port by VOCAL Technologies adds to the growing support infrastructure for the CEVA architecture and will augment the momentum of both companies significantly. VOCAL's decision to make both object and source code available is a smart marketing move. OEM's designing embedded communications and multimedia peripherals will be able to take advantage of the price/performance benefits of the CEVA's SmartCores."

CEVA (NASDAQ:CEVA) develops and markets enabling digital signal processing and digital speech technologies and products for the PC, multimedia, and communications markets. The company's products include DSP algorithms, DSP core technology, and application specific digital signal processors.

VOCAL Technologies Ltd., the industry's only one-stop supplier for complete modem source code, provides full service telecommunication and networking solutions to OEMs. The company's flagship SWMOD-101 software package enables customers to embed well-tested fax, data, and voice features to their products without investing dozens of man years to design, develop, and test communications software. VOCAL's telephony software is available as individual modules, as a complete suite, or part of a turn-key hardware/software solution customized to meet an OEM's exact requirements.

Please direct any specific product questions about the SmartCores to Irving Gold, CEVA, Santa Clara, CA 408-986-4315.

Pine is a trademark of CEVA, Inc.

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. Fax/Modem Library

V.17 14400/12000/9600/7200 bps fax image data
V.29 9600/7200/4800 bps fax image data
V.27ter 4800/2400 bps fax image data
V.21 channel 2 300 bps fax control information
V.33 Leased line version of V.17

V.32bis 14400/12000/9600/7200/4800 bps 
V.32 9600/7200/4800 bps 
V.22bis 2400/1200 bps 
V.22 1200/600 bps 
V.23 1200/600 bps with optional 75 bps backchannel
V.21 300 bps
Bell 212 Similar to V.22
Bell 202 Similar to V.23, also used for calling party ID
Bell 103 Similar to V.21

EIA/TIA-2330 Automode V.42 (MNP 2-4 included)
V.42bis MNP5
V.14, HDLC, FSK baud framing North American and International call progress
DTMF generation/detection Industry Standard AT Command Set
Fax Service Class 1 Command Set Fax Service Class 2 Command Set
V.54 V.25
V.24 Calling party ID