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Contact: Michael Demjanenko

DSP Design Targets Low Cost Embedded Modem Applications

New product represents improved price/performance point for OEM modem applications. DSP design saves time to market, enhances future flexibility.

Santa Clara, CA, April 26, 1994. VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of DSP-based communication technologies, today announced the availability of a suite of layered software products addressing a range of OEM modem design needs. Developed by VOCAL's Custom Product Design Division in Buffalo, NY, the software is intended for cost and performance sensitive OEM applications where the economics of the production run cannot justify migration to full custom silicon.VOCAL designs are platformed on the ADSP-21xx family from Analog Devices and provide customers with faster time to market, proven hardware/software implementations, and flexibility. Typical applications include modems for embedded designs such as security systems, PBXs, and diagnostic equipment as well as modems for specialized telephones, portable communications products, and LAN/WAN systems.

The VOCAL software includes all of the modulations to implement the current ITU (formerly CCITT) specifications, providing data throughputs from 300 to 14,400 bits per second and beyond.VOCAL software also supports multiple data and fax protocols, command sets, and other telephony functions such as DTMF generation and call progress detection.

The modem software can be customized by an OEM for a particular hardware configuration, and/or used with VOCAL's low cost, reference design, available on a royalty free basis. VOCAL's design engineers have taken advantage of the superior price/performance of Analog Devices' fixed point DSP-21xx family to provide an easily customizable modem system and one which can be upgraded in the field by downloading new software.

VOCAL's DSP software is built in a fully layered module structure.Command sets, data protocols, fax protocols, and data pump modulations are available both individually and in full modem product suites, depending on the exact needs of the OEM customer. According to Frederic Hirzel, VOCAL's president, ?We are completely flexible on product bundling and can meet the needs of any OEM account, whether the customer needs a complete turnkey hardware/software solution or just modulation code.Our competitive advantage is being able to configure standards-compliant communications solutions to meet the exact application needs, on time, and within budget.?

VOCAL's high speed data modulation software can be executed as a single task on the DSP under a variety of operating kernels.The line interface may be an analog front end or a digital interface such as T1, Switched 56, or ISDN. Optional V.14 and HDLC framing layers are also available as are the higher level data protocol layers such as V.42, MNP 1-4, V.42 bis, MNP 5, and fax command sets. The high speed modulations can be combined with VOCAL?s low speed modulations with complete autospeed negotiation from V.32 bis through V.21. In addition, fax modulations may be combined with the data modulation software family if required.

VOCAL is also experienced at designing hardware and software products for OEMs selling modem products in international markets.VOCAL engineers have produced designs compliant with the different telephone specifications of many countries, including Japan, Australia, Germany, France, and the UK.

VOCAL Technologies Ltd. provides full service telecommunication and networking solutions to OEM customers and systems integrators in the USA and abroad. Founded in 1986, VOCAL has become a leading edge expert in the development of modem and router hardware and software for communication needs ranging from the telephone Central Office to remote, portable computing, telemetry, and networked-based data communications. VOCAL's custom products engineering team can help OEM customers throughout all phases of a project, from specifications to design, testing, prototyping, manufacturing, and end-user warranty support.