VOCAL’s modular fax software stack with enhanced V.34 fax capability provides scalable engine to expand Axacore business fax solutions for Enterprise and ISP customers.

BUFFALO, NY — VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. announced the release of their scalable modular software stack with core support for ECM, high resolution fax document capability, and high density V.34 fax protocol capability.

Enterprise and ISP customers need a reliable, scalable and field proven product that grows with their business. They want V.34 fax throughput (33.6kbps versus 14.4kbps for V.17) to efficiently handle large volumes of faxes transmitted each day. “V.34 really makes a difference for Financial and Health Care customers who fax 50+ page documents on a regular basis.” stated Nick Basil, CTO, Axacore.

Unfortunately, customers may have installed a new IP phone system only to find V.34 fax works poorly or is completely unavailable with their service. They are accustomed to the increased speed and ECM capabilities that V.34 fax provides. Axacore products take advantage of VOCAL’s hardware and software optimized algorithms to deliver cutting edge performance and reliability.

VOCAL’s expertise with V.34 fax technology and all major platforms enables their designs to scale readily to meet growing demands for both large and small customers. “The portability and field proven features of our software helps Axacore quickly develop reliable products to satisfy their customer requirements.” according to David Jamieson, Business Development at VOCAL.

About Axacore and VOCAL

Axacore provides ready-to-deploy software and appliance solutions for document management, imaging and fax technologies. Axacore focuses on delivering enterprise solutions to mid-sized businesses at an affordable price.  Axacore products reduce the hassle of paper filing and eliminate lost documents.  Established in 1996, Axacore corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, CA. Visit http://www.axacore.com for more information.

VOCAL Technologies is dedicated to providing software and hardware solutions under license for voice, video, data and facsimile with support for DSP, RISC and CISC processors. VOCAL’s reference designs are scalable and designed to customer specific requirements. Technical personnel can provide the level of support required to assure timely project completion. Founded in 1986, VOCAL corporate headquarters are located in Amherst, New York. Visit http://www.vocal.com for more information.