VOCAL’s RASoIP™ enables access to legacy data modem equipment over IP networks.

BUFFALO, NY — VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., has announced an enhanced Remote Access Server over IP™ (RASoIP™) solution to access legacy modem devices and communicate over IP networks versus dedicated phone lines.

Access to vital business data is provided by countless modems around the world including utility meters, card readers for POS and security systems, as well as SCADA or telemetry modems. VOCAL’s RASoIP™ (Part Number: V600R) provides a cost effective approach to migrate line based infrastructure to the Internet without the prohibitive cost of replacing their complete systems. Businesses can bypass the telco service provider completely and replace their existing dedicated phone lines and modem channel banks with lower cost appliances that use their current Internet connections. The V600R supports a broad range of modems for both data (V.92, V.90, V.34, V.32bis / V.32, and V.22bis / V.22 / V.23 / V.21) and fax (V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 channel 2, and V.34) equipment.

Businesses can also benefit by using Internet standards with broad industry support to collect and transmit their data. A V600R enabled appliance can interface directly with local modems, convert analog signals to standard data packets, and transmit the packets for centralized processing over an IP network using established protocols, e.g. TCP and UDP. In addition, applications can convert data directly from modem inputs for distribution to web services or back office applications in the formats they require. For added security, sensitive data can be protected during transmission with the use of secure standards such as TLS.

The RASoIP™ technology is based on VOCAL’s extensive experience with data and fax modems, networks, and protocol standards. It can be easily ported to various hardware platforms and readily deployed to currently installed equipment. According to David Jamieson, Business Development at VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. “This enables OEM developers to easily integrate VOCAL’s proven software with their applications and bring quality products to market very quickly.”

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