VOCAL Technologies Chooses Legerity VoicePort for Ultra Low Cost ATA
Legerity Chipset Enables Lowest Total System Design Cost Available to Market

AUSTIN, Texas & AMHERST, N.Y. Jan. 10, 2005 — Legerity, Inc. and VOCAL Technologies today announced that the Legerity Le88111 VoicePortTM product provides the voice interface solution for a new ultra low cost analog terminal adapter (ATA) from VOCAL Technologies, a leading supplier of protocol stacks and reference designs for Voice over IP (VoIP) networks.

Legerity's Le88111 VoicePort product is the industry's first solution to provide complete BORSCHT functionality of a single channel FXS within a single device. Integrating all functionality from Tip and Ring to PCM means that designs require fewer external components, which translates to the industry's most cost effective solution. The Le88111 VoicePort provides the fastest, simplest and least expensive way to connect an analog telephone line to analog terminal adapters, or other broadband CPE equipment.

"Legerity's Le88111 VoicePort offered the best combination of performance, on-chip features, and support that we needed in order to simplify and cost reduce our ATA modem design and to reduce both our bill of materials, and our system-level power requirements," said Victor Demjanenko, chief technology officer for VOCAL. "As the leading supplier of voice IC technology for voice enabled modems, Legerity's highly integrated Le88111 VoicePort provided the optimal solution for our ATA, allowing us to achieve our price target of less than $10 per unit."

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., provides the market's lowest-cost configurable low-power ATA and reference design platform for VoIP applications. The solution enables VoIP equipment suppliers to add a compact, cost-effective ATA solution to their portfolios while simultaneously giving service providers the opportunity to offer ATAs for free or at a substantially subsidized price to new VoIP customers.

"VOCAL Technologies is a leading innovator in broadband connectivity, and we are pleased that they have chosen our Le88111 VoicePort device to provide the critical voice interface for their analog terminal adapter," said Mike Stibila, vice president of marketing and applications for Legerity. "VOCAL has leveraged the benefits of the Le88111 device's highly integrated single channel FXS solution, allowing them to reduce external components, save board space, and reduce the manufacturing cost and BOM for the voice interface, factors that are all important when building ATAs for less than $10 per unit."

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