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Buffalo NY, March 27, 2000 - VOCAL Technologies Ltd., a leading supplier of DSP-based communication technologies, announced today that it has signed an agreement with LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI), a leading supplier of standard and custom communications chips, to collaborate on marketing application software for the  ZSP* Processor. VOCAL intends to develop ZSP optimized implementations of it?s proven voice, facsimile and data modem algorithms, based upon the requirements of it?s customers. The agreement will benefit users of the ZSP processor, regardless of whether they are utilizing LSI?s standard or ASIC-based ZSP products, as well as products from LSI?s ZSP Core Licensees.

According to Dr. Michael Demjanenko, principal engineer with VOCAL Technologies, "Strong customer demand has led us to support the ZSP Processor Architecture, benefiting customers that rely on our many years of experience with voice, data and fax algorithms.  Immediate interest by LSI Logic?s customers are focused on VOCAL?s T.38 facsimile over IP (FoIP) and Voice over-IP (VoIP) offerings. VOCAL  developed an application-optimized interface, making it much easier for developers to implement VOIP solutions utilizing the ZSP Processor."

VOCAL Technologies? standard software packages are derived from its comprehensive library of data, facsimile, and voice functions.  Standard configurations reduce the testing requirements for customers, leading to lower costs and quicker time to market.  For those customers who require functions beyond those in the standard packages, custom software solutions can be provided.

"The market for digital signal processors requires mature software applications, tools and operating systems to meet the needs of our customers across a wide variety of applications.  LSI recognizes this and intends to promote best in class DSP software developers that can fulfill these requirements on the ZSP architecture. " said Giuseppe Staffaroni, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic?s Broadband Communication Division.  "Our software partners recognize that ZSP?s excellent code density results in lower system costs and faster time-to-market, and also offers higher performance than the older uniscalar DSPs currently in the market."

The ZSP architecture achieves high processing performance and excellent code density by utilizing a RISC-like, four-way superscalar, dual-MAC technology.  The performance level of the DSP, coupled with the simple programming model and efficient compiler, make it ideal for digital wireless infrastructure and voice and FAX-over-IP (VoIP/FoIP) gateways.  Future derivatives of the architecture will also enable portable applications such as digital wireless handsets.  LSI Logic is developing the ZSP architecture for both application-specific standard products (ASSPs) and CoreWare®-based ASIC implementations.

About LSI Logic
LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE:LSI), is a leading supplier of communications chips for broadband, data networking, wireless and set-top box applications.  In addition, the company provides chips and boards for network computing and supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise.  LSI Logic is headquartered at 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035, 408-433-8000. http://www.lsilogic.com.  For more information about the ZSP architecture visit www.zsp.com.

About VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.
VOCAL Technologies Ltd., the industry's only one-stop supplier for complete voice, facsimile and modem source code.  The company provides full service telecommunication and networking solutions for OEMs.  The company's communications software enables customers to embed proven data, fax, and voice features in their products--without investing many man-years to design, develop, and test their own software.  VOCAL's telephony software is available as individual modules, as a complete suite, or part of a turnkey hardware/software solution customized to meet an OEM's exact requirements. Please direct any specific product questions about VOCAL?s software offerings on the ZSP processors to David Jamieson at (716) 688-4675 or [email protected]. http://www.VOCAL.com

VOCAL will be exhibiting at the following shows:
VON  San Jose, CA March 28-30
DSP World   San Jose, CA  April 11-12
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ISPCON Orlando, FL      May 23-25