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SIP Analog Modem Solutions

Replace, back up, or create legacy data modem and fax modem server banks by running a fully compatible IP based software solution from VOCAL Technologies. The VOCAL SIP Analog Modem Server (SAMS) and SAMS-for-Facsimile (SAMS-F) fully software solutions enable same interoperability with far end legacy data modems and fax modems without the need for legacy data modem and fax modem banks with E1/T1/ISDN connections. The dedicated hardware server equipment needed in the past is replaced with a standard x86 server or virtual machine running the Windows or Linux operating system connected to an IP network. Server based modem to modem applications run as before, with business critical far end point-of-sale devices, meters, alarm systems, numerous industrial controllers, FAX machines and more.  Solutions enable a large number of data modems or fax modems on a single server (10s to 100s depending on the server and modem rates).

SAMS creates data modem bank communication over IP networks to the PSTN

SAMS-F creates FAX modem bank communication over IP networks to the PSTN

SAMS and SAMS-F provide true Modem over IP (MoIP) data modem and Fax over IP (FoIP) FAX modem server solutions. The software data modems take the standard AT command set over modulations V.90, V.34, V.32, V.32bis, V.22 and more.  The software FAX modems take the standard AT FAX command set over modulations V.34 FAX, V.33, V.29, V.27, V.21 Channel 2, V.17 and more.   VOCAL has provided widely deployed data modem and fax modem code for the RAS servers of the analog telephony world.  The performance of both these hardware and software modems are industrial grade.

VOCAL already offers data modem & fax modem software to migrate existing analog and TDM services to IP-based networks while maintaining high quality of service. Our software is scalable with support for multi-channel applications. It provides an identical interface with no changes to existing equipment.

VOCAL’s software solutions support a wide variety of modulation schemes and functionality. Different data compression and error correction algorithms offer error-free, high-speed data transfer and reliable throughput. Software can be used with a number of dialing methods and protocols for a range of applications and environments while also allowing control over data and fax modem configuration, dialing, and diagnostics.

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