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Analog over IP (AoIP) Gateway Reference Design

Analog over IP Gateway Reference Design

Our AoIP Gateway interfaces analog intercom and radio system audio connections to IP networks

VOCAL’s AoIP Gateway Reference Design interfaces analog audio connections for intercom and radio systems with IP networks using VoIP protocols.

  • Standards-based design
  • Extensive features list
  • World-wide configurability
  • Multilingual support
  • Customizable control interfaces
  • Simple upgrade/expansion paths

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VOCAL’s AoIP Gateway reference design is available for licensing as a turn-key product or as software and hardware engineering designs for your application development.  Our Reference Designs far surpass the competition in terms of cost advantage and time-to-market potential, achieving scalable channel density while supporting rapid integration of new features and modules. Customized interfaces for radio operational controls are also available.  Contact us for a demo or to discuss your specific application and performance requirements.

We have over 25 years of custom design and development experience in the telecommunications industry; our expertise and extensive customization support will result in the product you want at an unbeatable cost.  Since VOCAL provides both the hardware design and a complete, optimized software solution, the result is a fully integrated, robust product which can be brought to market quickly.

AoIP Gateway

VOCAL’s AoIP Gateway converts between legacy bi-directional or broadcast audio applications and IP networks using a VoIP connection and SIP or RTSP.  Our AoIP Gateway converts voice media between any analog device (two-way intercom, public address and radio systems) and a VoIP connection.  The AoIP Gateway could be used at both ends of a link for conversion to IP transport media.  Alternatively, the AoIP Gateway could be used to bridge what use to be dissimilar worlds.  As an example, a PTT radio network could appear as a SIP end-point registered as an extension to your Cisco or Asterisk switch.


Complete listings of all the features and technical specifications are available.  Highlights of our AoIP Gateway Reference Design include:

  • WAN support (Ethernet, cable modem or DSL) and WLAN support
  • Multi-channel audio support for independent devices
  • SIP and/or RTSP support with multiple VoIP providers
  • Encrypted communication using secure RTP (SRTP) with SDES or proprietary key negotiation
  • Network stack with NAT/firewall support
  • Voice codecs such as G.711, G723.1, G.726, G.729AB, MELP, and iLBC vocoders
  • High performance noise preprocessor
  • Battlefield VOX (voice operated transmission)
  • An extensive set of telephony features
  • Call progress tones with world-wide configurability
  • Quality of service configurability
  • Flexible configuration and provisioning options
  • Multilingual Web configuration via built-in Web server and hierarchical user levels
  • Mass production support for flashing code image, firmware configuration, and testing
  • Remote administration and firmware update

Reference Design Kit

VOCAL’s AoIP Gateway Reference Design Kit provides developers a customizable, fully-functional hardware and software solution with:

  • Schematics
  • BOM
  • Complete custom firmware
  • Technical engineering assistance with layout design and hardware bringup
  • Lifetime product maintenance and support


The compliance of our telephony software to industry standards has been consistently demonstrated over the course of many years of software and hardware development and testing.  Over 10 million ports of VOCAL products have been shipped by our customers using VOCAL’s voice processing, data and facsimile modulations, data protocols, facsimile command sets, and network protocol stacks.  Many high-density server systems have been developed using VOCAL software, each meeting extensive interoperability standards.

Our VoIP software suite works seamlessly with popular industrial servers such as those available from Cisco, Quintum, NetCentrex, and Asterisk.  VOCAL has conducted exhaustive compatibility and interoperability testing using many VoIP providers.  Device configuration can be completely managed using the web interface built into the firmware or restricted as desired by the licensee.  For further information regarding compatibility and interoperability testing, please contact us.

AoIP Gateway Features

VoIP Protocols
Security Protocols
IPsecSignaling Support
DTMF/Tonal Pass Through
UART Serial Data
Digital or Analog Input
Digital Control Output
Network Protocols
DHCP Client
NAT/Firewall Support
Built-in Router
NAT Traversal
NAT Firewall
Port Forwarding
LAN Pass Through
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