Lawful Interception Software

VOCAL’s Lawful Interception software is available for voice, video, fax/facsimile and data communications, including. VoIP  decoding Voice/fax analog recording Fax image and T.38 Fax decoding Fax analysis Recorded files and real-time sources PSTN and IP networks Turn-key designs and custom solutions As a lawful interception software company and industry leader, our expertise in the design, implementation […]

Voice Software

VOCAL provides a comprehensive Voice software library to support a variety of voice telephony applications and communications over PSTN, radio, mobile, and IP networks. Our software includes a complete range  of speech coders, echo cancellation, noise reduction and beamforming solutions to support your product development. Speech coders – ITU, GSM, wideband and industry standard voice […]

Echo Cancellation Software

Echo Cancellation software is used for speech enhancement in a wide range of Radio, Mobile, VoIP and Voice applications. To support your application development VOCAL provides software solutions including: Acoustic Echo Cancellers Line Echo Cancellers Network Echo Cancellers ITU G.168, G.167 and G.165 compliant Optimized for DSPs, ARM and other microprocessors VOCAL’s echo cancellation software […]

Digital Network Echo Canceller Software

VOCAL’s Digital Network Echo Canceller software is designed to cancel electrical echoes observed in devices associated with long distance telephone communications. Echoes significantly degrade the quality of a conversation. They also affect the ability to successfully transmit voiceband data, fax and text messages. Our Line & Network echo cancellation solution not only meets but exceeds the […]

Minimum Variance Distortionless Response Beamformer Software

VOCAL’s Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) Beamformer software, also known as the Capon Beamformer, is used for speech enhancement applications, including noise reduction and speech dereverberation.  The MVDR beamformer software package includes a beamforming algorithm to dynamically steer a beam at the source location.  A source localization algorithm is also available to provide the beamformer with […]

Vocoder Transcoding Software

VOCAL’s vocoder transcoding software provides efficient and scalable solutions for converting between multiple vocoders. Our voice transcoder seamlessly converts audio streams from one codec to another on-the-fly. Transcoding between different rates of the same vocoder is also supported. VOCAL’s optimized speech coder transcoding software solutions minimize application resources and bandwidth. VOCAL software libraries provide a […]

DM8168 Video Software

DM8168 Video Software provides a multi-channel software framework for the TI DaVinci DM81xx family of media processors.  Our HD video software unleashes the full multi-channel potential of the DM8168 and DM8148 with multiple simultaneous SD and HD video channel solutions using standard video decoders such as the TVP7002, TVP5147, TVP5158 and the SiL1161. The DM8168 video software […]

Voice and Video over IP (V2oIP) Software

VOCAL’s robust and comprehensive suite of V2oIP software libraries provide the foundation for our video reference designs, offering licensees a complete voice and video over IP solution. Since we provide both the hardware design and optimized VoIP software (including our state of the art On-One™ DSP technology), VOCAL can provided unsurpassed advantages in cost and […]

VoIP Echo Cancellation Software

VOCAL’s VoIP echo cancellation software  solution includes acoustic echo cancellers and line echo cancellers. Our line echo cancellation software exceeds the ITU G.168 recommendation for echo control in digital networks and makes echo imperceptible to all participants in the communication and provides toll grade voice quality for VoIP applications. Please contact us to discuss your VoIP application requirements.   […]

VOCAL’s VoIP Software Stack Includes Android Optimized ITU, GSM and Wideband Vocoders

Buffalo, NY 04 June 2012. VOCAL Technologies, Ltd. announced the release of their Modular Voice over IP (VoIP) Software Stack optimized for Android platforms. It enables access to low cost online Voice over IP service providers and includes a wide selection of Android vocoders to support a variety of customized mobile applications with unique requirements. […]