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V.32bis and V.32 Modem Software

V.32 / V.32bis Soft ModemV.32bis / V.32 modem software is implemented for real-time execution with support for multichannel applications. The software libraries are modular and can be executed as a single task under a variety of operating systems or standalone with its own microkernel. Contact us to discuss your modem application requirements.

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VOCAL’s V.32bis / V.32 modem software is optimized for performance on leading DSP architectures and processors from TI, Intel, ADI, AMD and other vendors. Our V.32 modem software  may be licensed standalone, as a library or complete design. Custom solutions are also available.

Virtual Modem over IP

VOCAL’s SIP Software modem (MoIP or V.MoIP) solution provides developers a range of solutions to connect legacy dial up modems to modem infrastructure. Unlike other virtual modem designs, the SIP software modem can communicate with a physical modem at the far end using a VoIP service over an IP network.



V.32 and V.32bis Software Features

  • Fully compliant with ITU recommendations
  • Trellis coded modulations support data rates of 7200, 9600, 12000 and 14400 bps.
  • Non-trellis coded modulations support data rates of 4800 and 9600 bps
  • All carriers are 2400 symbols per second
  • Modem MIB support (RFC 1696)
  • Local and remote loopback diagnostics (V.54)
  • Modular software suite available with controller code
  • Optimized for high performance on leading edge DSP architectures
  • Multi-tasking environment compatible

V.32 / V.32bis Modem

ITU-T V.32 defines the modulation methods and protocol operating sequences for a modem used on Switched Telephone Network 4-wire and on 2-wire  circuits. Both full duplex and half-duplex modes are supported with bidirectional data transfer at either 9.6 kbps or 4.8 kbps and a symbol rate of 2,400 baud. ITU-T V.32bis specifies a modem allowing  bidirectional data transfer at up to 14.4 kbps.

The line interface for the V.32 / V.32bis modem software may be an analog front end (codec and DAA) or a digital interface such as T1/E1, Switched 56, and ISDN. The upper end of this software can provide a PPP, HDLC, V.14, or a direct binary framing layer. Higher data protocol layers, V.42 (including MNP 2-4), V.44, V.42bis and MNP 5, are options as well.

The V.32bis and V.32 modulation family  can be combined with other data modulations including V.92, V.90, V.34, and V.22bis / V.22 / V.23 / V.21. Automatic modulation detection (Automode) procedures include those of PN-2330, V.8 and V.8bis. V.32 and V.32bis data modulation software is fully compatible with VOCAL’s facsimile, telephony, speech coder and multimedia systems.


  • DAA interface using linear codec at 7.2 kHz, 8.0 kHz or 16.0 kHz sample rate
  • Direct interface to 8.0 kHz PCM data stream (A-law or μ-law)
  • PPP (RFC 1662), HDLC, V.14 and direct binary framing layers
  • North American and International Dialing/Telephony dialing functions available
  • DTMF detection during voice modes available
  • Data protocol layer (V.42/MNP 2-4/V.44/V.42bis/MNP 5) available
  • VOCAL’s Overall Model Controller (OMC) Layer provides coordinated data modulation/data protocol operation relative to startup, shutdown, modulation retrains and modulation renegotiations
  • System can be combined with V.110 rate adaptation software
  • System can be combined with other modulations (V.92, V.90, V.34, et al.) and automode procedures (PN-2330, V.8 and V.8bis)
  • Data/Facsimile/Voice Distinction upon startup is available. Complete facsimile systems, modulations (V.34fax, V.17, et al) and protocols (T.30), and speech coders available.
  • Multiple modulation ports can be executed on a single DSP



VOCAL’s optimized software is available for the following platforms. Please contact us for specific V.32/V,32bis supported platforms.

Processors Operating Systems
  • Texas Instruments – C6xx (TMS320C62x, TMS320C64x, TMS320C645x, TMS320C66x, TMS320C67x), DaVinci, OMAP, C5xx (TMS320C54x, TMS320C55x)
  • Analog Devices – Blackfin, ADSP-21xx, TigerSHARC, SHARC
  • PowerPC, PowerQUICC
  • MIPS – MIPS32, MIPS64, MIPS4Kc
  • ARM – ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E, ARM10E, ARM11, StrongARM, ARM Cortex-A8/A9/A15, Cortex-M3/M4
  • Intel / AMD – x86, x64 (both 32 and 64 bit modes)
  • Linux, uClinux, BSD, Unix
  • Microsoft Windows ACM / RTC / CE / Mobile
  • Apple iOS / iPhone / iPad & MacOS
  • eCOS / eCOSPro
  • Google Android
  • Green Hills Integrity
  • Micrium μCOS
  • Symbian
  • Wind River VxWorks


V.32 / V.32bis Datasheet

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