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Acoustic Beamforming Solutions

Microphone Array enhances signal of interest

Acoustic beamforming enhances the signal of interest in conferencing, surveillance and other audio applications

Acoustic beamforming uses microphone arrays to enhance the speech of interest while suppressing interference, background noise, and reverberation. Our adaptive beamforming software is optimized for DSP and processors from TI, ADI, ARM, Intel and other vendors.

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  • Audio Video Conferencing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Speakerphone / Intercom
  • Speaker Tracking & Diarization
  • Security, Monitoring & Surveillance


  • Adaptive beamforming
  • Linear, planar and circularĀ microphone arrays
  • Omni and directional microphones
  • Echo, reverberation and background noise suppression
  • Optimized for DSPs, ARM, iPhone/iPad and Android
  • Custom solutions available

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