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VoIP Software and VoIP Telephony

VoIP Software provides a complete VoIP Telephony solution for Mobile, VoIP and Radio applications. The software libraries are fully integrated and highly configurable, including a SIP client and server with Network Stack, SIP Stack, full-featured IP telephony software, as well as a wide range of VoIP vocoders. Our VoIP software also includes robust noise reduction, echo cancellation and speech dereverberation algorithms. Together with VoIP encryption using secure SIP, SRTP, SDES, IPsec  and other secure protocols, our VoIP Software can ensure privacy and security of all voice, data, and unified communications.

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VOCAL’s VoIP software library is modular and optimized for DSPs and conventional processors from TI, ADI, ARM, AMD, Intel and other leading vendors. Our extensive experience in the design, development, integration, and configuration of mobile, network, and telephony solutions will help you bring your VoIP application to market quickly and efficiently. Contact us to discuss your VoIP telephony application requirements.

VoIP Telephony

VoIP telephony applications treat voice calls as simple data, which may be packetized and transmitted in real time over IP networks. Voiceband audio is digitized at (or near) the source, the data packets are transmitted over IP networks using Voice over IP protocols, and demodulated at the destination.

voice over ip telephony software

VOCAL’s VoIP Software is part of a complete VoIP telephony solution for Voice, Fax and Modem over IP

VoIP Software

VOCAL’s VoIP Software is part of our VoIP Reference Design and provides secure, next-generation, real-time voice, data, and unified communications over the Internet or any other IP network. This includes a wide range of VoIP codecs and  Quality of Service (QoS) support, where efficient utilization and prioritization of existing bandwidth can ensure exceptional voice quality and maximal data transmission. Our VoIP software may be licensed as a library with custom VoIP telephony solutions available to meet specific developer requirements. Additional information regarding all aspects of our VoIP software is available.

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